Brandon Kammer cares about more than just the law. He cares about people. 

Brandon Kammer is the principal attorney at Kammer Law Firm, a firm created with the sole intent of advocating for people who have been injured by medical errors and caregiver abuse.  For several years Brandon represented some of the largest and most reputable medical institutions, medical providers, and healthcare insurers throughout Oregon and California.   

However, while defending against hundreds of patient lawsuits, it became apparent to Brandon that serious injuries caused from negligent medical treatment occurred regularly, often leaving vulnerable and injured patients without a sufficient means of recovery.  This led to the creation of Kammer Law Firm.

Now Brandon uses his knowledge and experience to advocate for patients whose lives have forever been impacted by another's medical error or abuse.  He fights to ensure our medical institutions are held accountable for their actions so that future injuries are avoided.  

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