Rectifying wrongs and making people whole. 

-Medical Error

When we present to see a medical practitioner an expectation exists that the practitioner can and will provide adequate medical treatment.  However, just like all of us, medical practitioners are not perfect.  In fact, they frequently make medical errors which cause devastating patient injuries.* 

If you or a loved one has been injured by a practitioner's medical error you may be entitled to recover for your injuries.  For a free case evaluation please Contact Us.  

*A recent study from Johns Hopkins University found medical errors were the third-leading cause of death in the United States behind only heart disease and cancer.  

-Elder Abuse and Neglect

There comes a time in our lives when we can no longer take care of our independent needs.  When this occurs, family members often turn to long-term care facilities (i.e., nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and residential care facilities) to care for our loved ones with the expectation they will be safe and provided for.

Unfortunately, residents of long-term care facilities often go without the care and support they pay for and are frequently abused or neglected.*  Oregon has specific laws in place to protect these “vulnerable adults” from abuse and neglect.  If you or someone you love has experienced abuse or neglect at one of these facilities you may be entitled to recover for those injuries.  For a free case evaluation please Contact Us. 

*In 2015, the Oregon Department of Human Services (the department that investigates vulnerable adult abuse complaints) substantiated 5,497 abuse complaints in Oregon.